Marketing, Public Relations

Marketing Communications and Public Relations

This website is our media center for news releases, announcing events and meetings, and a contact link for most marketing communications. The member login directory enables members to find and communicate with each as desired for collaboration, product sourcing, and other interests.

In the first 18 months, several UFVM members traveled throughout Maine as well as to Washington, D.C. to present the organization’s mission, goals and vision to grow awareness and acceptance of UFVM. They presented UFVM to many organizations such as chambers of commerce, Rotary International, Kiwanis, community meetings and government agencies to share our unique story of Veterans helping Veterans with a hand up approach.

Other members helped each other and new members by lending a hand, equipment, or other resources to help one another out when they could. This is part of our story. Helping each other with a hand up! There are numerous links in our media center here that you can use to research some of these past efforts as well as all current communications of new activities, events, and programs.

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