CEO Message

Thank you for visiting us. I ask that you take a look at the information on this website and get to know us. I am grateful for the many men and women who appreciate our service to our country.

As the new Interim CEO, and CFO, my bio reads as follows: Chris Phillips was born in Skowhegan, Maine, Chris is married to Darla Phillips and has five children and four grandchildren. Both retired from the Army, Chris after 28 years and Darla after 20. Having been involved with farming as a teen, Chris had a desire to return to basics. They and a few of their children are growing Serenity Farms in Troy, Maine.

Chris has been a Senior Program Manager with 42 years of experience directing Operations, Financial, Contracting, Acquisition and Human Resource Management programs and projects within the Department of Defense. He’s been a key member of the management and technical staff in various projects, where his efforts contributed to successful execution of multi-million dollar budgets. He has extensive experience with all aspects of business including technical, operations, production, research, finance, marketing and business development. Chris holds a B.A. in Business Management at the University of Maryland, and a M.A. in Management of Information Systems at Bowie State, Maryland.

Chris is also certified as a Firefighter, Paramedic NREMT. He has a commitment to Veterans and is passionate about finding new ways to provide the best access to the programs, training and markets necessary for successful farming.

As UFVM we hold to the highest quality values in producing and selling our products in our communities, and in our efforts to help transitioning vets adapt to civilian life.

Our service as veterans is a brand unto itself and augmented by the UFVM organization. You are welcome to get to know who we are and what we do.

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