We are a veterans-based non-profit working for the betterment of
ALL veterans in Maine.

Maine Grown by Vets

Ways we help veteran farmers succeed and serve the community

Membership is open to all, with unique benefits for veterans


Farming and agriculture resources, documents and links

Our Mission and Vision

Maine is home to the most veterans per capita in America.

Maine Grown by Vets

At United Farmer Veterans of Maine, we work diligently toward fulfilling our mission in helping Maine veterans define a future around small agribusiness success.

We are an organization for veterans who have the drive to farm. At UFVM, we know what it takes to become successful farmers and we offer our decades of knowledge and experience to any veteran wishing to learn about farming.

We love our farms and our veterans here in Maine and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

UFVME Community Veterans Maine

UFVM’s daily operations are entirely based on a commitment to veterans living in Maine

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